Absolver Wiki

Absolver is an action-combat role playing game developed by Sloclap, a studio comprised of former Ubisoft Paris employees. Development began in May 2015 and the game was announced on May 26, 2015. The studio's goal was to create a martial arts style game with fluid dance-like movement and progressive combat options. The game was published by Devolver Digital and uses the Unreal Engine 4 engine.


You are the Prospect, an individual seeking the right to prove themselves worthy to become an Absolver Peacekeeper. To do this, they must fight and develop their skills. Travel through the world of Adai and overcome enemy after enemy in your journey to become a warrior. Recruit players to your cause or fight them to increase your skill. Absolver is not heavily story based but it is replayable. After completing the content, players can embark on a 'new game plus' version and continue their training. 


Absolver features three core 'zone' to play in. One larger one and two smaller ones. Players can complete the content as a solo player, but the game also has several PVP functions as well including match play and sparring. Participation in these activities also have a chance of rewarding the player will new abilities. 


There are five types of fighting styles in Absolver. They are Forsaken, Kahlt Method, Windfall, Faejin and Stagger. Players will define their playstyle by choosing a fighting style, a weapon and creating their Combat Deck. Combat is fluid and fast-moving. Chain abilities and switch stances to execute powerful attacks. Parry and dodge attacks to reduce incoming damage.

Combat Decks

The combat deck is a list of attacks used by the Prospect. Attacks are divided into four stances that are dependent on the position of the Prospect to the enemy. Some attacks will flow between stances while others can only be used in a specific stance. Players will create their combat deck by selecting specific attacks in sequence along with an alternative attack. Alternative attacks can be used to interrupt a sequence and put the player into a new stance.

Players learn new attacks by fighting opponents including other players. Styles are learned by choosing from mentors that the character interacts with in the game. Choosing a mentor will allow the player to use that mentor's combat deck.

Game Modes

There are both PVP and PVE elements within Absolver and one is not separated entirely from the other. Players will encounter both PVE and PVP elements while progressing through the game's world.