Absolver Wiki

There are five combat styles in Absolver. Each with unique defensive and offensive properties to attacks.

(1)Kahlt Method, (2)Windfall and (3)Forsaken are available as starting combat styles during character creation. The (4)Stagger style can be unlocked by joining Rakkio's school. The (5)Faejin style is unlocked by reaching Gleam level 6 through the Downfall Combat Trials.

All five can be learned via joining player created schools offering the desired style.

The Kahlt Method is designed to most easily introduce Absolver combat to new players. Its defensive ability is one of if not the easiest to apply in combat because the direction of attacks does not need to be considered, only its timing.

The Windfall technique allows players to avoid attacks faster than the dodge move available to all styles. As a bonus successful use of this defensive ability will also refund stamina to the player. Avoid at the right time, and, at the right direction.

Forsaken is a high risk & high reward defensive ability for experienced Absolver combatants. Unlike Windfall, Forsaken does not move your character. Failing to apply it at the right time will result in damage received. However it is widely considered to be the superior combat style once mastered.