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Absolver character creation.png

When playing the game for the first time, players will need to create their warrior. They will choose from male or female, a haircut style, color and which of five regions they will start in. Choices are Uring, Lake Ripa, Karshi, Ice Marshes, Orate and The Tear. The game uses a single open world map. 

New players will choose a combat style to begin with. Available choices are Forsaken, Kahlt Method, and Windfall. Choose a name to start the game. After starting the game, there is the ability to unlock the Stagger style through becoming the student of Rakkio, another NPC. There is also the ability to unlock Faejin style via reaching Gleam 6 through the Downfall Combat Trials expansion.

During the cutscene that follows, the warrior is selected from a group and taken to an entity (unknown). The warrior hands it/them a mask they are carrying. The entity empowers it and hands it back. The warrior puts it on and finds themselves in the world.

As they begin their journey, players will be given smalls tasks to complete that show them how to combat enemies and start building their Combat Deck. The Deck consists of 16 slots and 180 moves can be learned through combat. 

Controls []

Ability Keyboard Controller
Sequence Attack LMB X
Alternative Attack RMB Y
Dodge Space Bar B
Action F A
Rush R LS (down)
Emote T LB
Item 1 1 ← D-pad
Item 2 2 → D-pad
Weapon Draw 2 ↑ D-pad
Weapon Sheath L Ctrl ↓ D-pad
Guard L Shift LT
Move Forward W LS ↑
Move Backward S LS ↓
Move Right D LS →
Move Left A LS ←
Stance Mode RT