Absolver Wiki

Powers in Absolver are abilities that mainly offer defense and extra utility to combat. There are eleven powers in the game, six are unlocked by defeating each Marked Ones and four are unlocked by spending fragments with correct Gleam Levels. The player begins the game with the first power unlocked.

Base Powers[]

Heal is the first power available upon game start. Using the ability returns a portion of health to the caster. Additional health is regained upon successful hits on opponents. Interrupts remove the health gain on attacks.

Earthquake is unlocked upon defeating Revario, the First Marked One. Slamming a hand upon the ground knocking back and damaging nearby standing opponents.

Shield is unlocked upon defeating Angrel, the Second Marked One. Provides increased Protections and Resilience removing the interrupt effects of low power attacks received by the caster.

Exhaust is unlocked by defeating Ama Saba, the Third Marked One. Casting this ability inflicts a negative effect on nearby opponents increasing their stamina consumption and crippling regeneration.

Shockwave is unlocked by defeating Lamren, the Fourth Marked One. Nearby opponents are knocked back instantly upon cast.

Gravity is unlocked upon defeating Ristael, the Fifth Marked One. The target and others very close to it are damaged and interrupted inflicting a negative effect upon them reducing speed and increasing weight.

Silence is unlocked upon defeated Dormek, the Sixth Marked One. A targeted ability that can leave multiple enemies powerless for 20 seconds.


*available in the Essence Shop

*Snatcher costs 1000 Fragments and requires Gleam level 1 to unlock. Snatcher tugs enemies closer and disarms their weapon towards the caster.

*Sharp Impact costs 1000 Fragments and requires Gleam level 3 to unlock. Bare-fist attacks deal cut damage for 20 seconds.

*Unbreakable costs 3000 Fragments and requires Gleam level 5 to unlock. A defensive ability that increases Protections. All enemy attacks do not interrupt or stun the caster and weapons shatter on impact.

*Shadow Avoid costs 3000 Fragments and requires Gleam level 5 to unlock. Shadow Avoid leaves opponents vulnerable to attack for 2 seconds after a successful avoid.